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Pre-Spring Yard Care Tips
- Central NC

1. Beat the weeds to the punch.
Early to mid-February is the best time to take action against weeds with a quality pre-emergent. By preventing crabgrass and other weeds from germinating, your grass will have a better, more consistent chance of growing at its optimum. If you choose to do it yourself, be certain to read the label on the package carefully to find out how much is needed - and when a second application may be needed to extend the control. Or, simply call us and let us do it for you!

2. Pruning for "tuning."
Remove any weakened, rubbing, broken, and/or diseased branches from trees and shrubs. This will allow healthy branches to grow. Also, this is the time to trim back all Crepe Myrtles. Be sure to be careful! Sharp tools and ladders can make for a very dangerous situation. Remember that we can trim Crepe Myrtle for you. Just give us a call.


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