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March/April Yard Care Tips
- Central NC

1. Ready, Set.... Mow!

With the risk of frost gone and most yards now green, it's time to start weekly yard care. If you cut your own grass, get started with mower maintenence. Be sure your blade is properly sharpened - and balanced- by someone qualified. Never remove the blade without first removing the spark plug wire! Also clean and/or replace any air filter. This will keep the mower running smooth and help reduce harmful emissions. The best thing to do is to let us do it for you! There are approximately 30 weekends until grass goes dormant again. Spend them doing what you want to do!

2. Do rounds on the grounds.
It's important to walk through your yard before getting started. Look for and remove any debris, rocks, sticks and anything else you don't want to run over. Remember that even a one-inch rock can become a lethal projectile when hit by a spinning blade. Take the time to be safe.


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