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Autumn Yard Care Tips
- Central NC

Yes, it's cooler, but there is still work to do. :)
As temperature drops, so do our expectations of working in the yard. But we're not done yet! There are important steps that need to be taken ensure your yard looks its best next year and beyond.

Keep cutting your grass!
Although the grass is not growing as fast, rest assured it's still growing. As the season comes to a close, trim your grass lower than usual, but never more than a third of the height at once.

Aerate! Grass needs oxygen. And an occasional doses of nitrogen and other nutrients. The best way to provide that is by aerating your yard. Aerating has several benefits. Water absorption and nutrient delivery is foremost. But too much can harm your yard! We know the right amount of aerating and fertilization your yard needs, giving your yard its best chances of coming back strong.





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