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Winter Yard Care Tips
- Central NC

Avoid too much lawn traffic.
When your lawn is dormant and has frost on it, tread carefully. The lawn is fragile when in this state and damage can occur.

De-ice with care.
Using a de-icer on driveways and walkways is great for safety, but too much can severely damage grass roots as it melts off and soaks into the yard. Be sure to carefully choose the type of de-icer you use, and don't use more that what is necessary. When shoveling, be careful not to rip up grass underneath the snow. You'll be glad come spring!

Plan. Prepare. Get on our list. Now is the best time to plan projects, develop a regular plan of yard care, and to get on our schedules. We usually get booked for the year by March,and need to start a waiting list around then, so plan early. Ask us about estimate before things get rolling, and secure your spot!




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