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Late Summer Yard Care Tips
- Central NC

1. Green. Heat. Dry. Brown. Wet. Repeat.
This summer has been stereotypical of North Carolina. Hot, humid and dry - and then the bottom drops out and it rains for a week. While the weather can be unpredictable, one constant is the need to have a yard care strategy that continues well into the fall. We are now scheduling aeration, overseeding, and fertilization visits that will start in mid-August and continue until yards begin to go dormant. Our calendar is usually filled up by the first or second week of September, so schedule your appointment(s) today.

2. Be aware of "nutrient wash."
When the weather gets hot and exceptionally dry, your yard can go into a semi-dormant stage. Soil then becomes hard and brittle and starts to crack. Then, as exceptionally wet weather arrives, it can quickly rinse away valuable nutrients, leading to disease, mold and problems with pests. Regular, ongoing lawn treatment is the best protection.

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