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Summer Landscaping Tips
- Central NC

1. Don't mow... too low!
When it's hot outside, adjust your mower height to leave grass taller - usually 4-5" in height. Taller grass helps shade and cool the soil, which in turn reduces water evaporation, leading to deeper roots and less weed germination.

2. Water an inch per week.
For the healthiest grass, water your lawn deeply and infrequently. Ideally, your lawn should get an inch of water per week, through a combination of rain and hand-watering. Invest in a rain gauge - they are very inexpensive.

3. Dull blades lead to a dull lawn. It's easy to tell if a lawn has been mowed with dull blades. A dull blade pulls at the grass before cutting it, leaving a long brown edge, which can make your yard look brown. Be sure to have your blades professionally sharpened and balanced regularly. And NEVER remove a blade without first unplugging the spark plug wire from your mower!

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